Spray-Right has been shipping convenience 360 spray bottles and Plug-ins to customer for 2 years and is currently selling in retailers in over 20 states.

All I can say is AWESOME!  I have been ranting at my Clorox bottle which has to be sprayed sideways or it gets all over everything.  I have called Clorox and all I get are free coupons!  At the NW Portland ACE hardware the lady at the counter showed me these.  Well, you have done the world a great deed.  Perhaps I will give them to all my relatives and friends for Christmas.  Good job and I hope you are successful.
T. Webb

The other day my boyfriend, Steve, was working on his car and he came in with a little pout saying, "I need a Spray-Right bottle...."  He was trying to spray
degreaser on some parts and couldn't get the right angle with the bottle from the manufacturer so he grabbed one of our spray-right bottles.   A friend of
his, who is a mechanic, came over that day and we demonstrated the bottle for him and gave him one as well. Man, was he impressed!
K. Seymour

You are kidding me!  What a great idea!
D. Menefee